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It seems that the best profession for women is a spy in some foreign secret service as sometimes their thoughts and feelings are completely impenetrable, especially for their boyfriends. However, the girls use a great number of non-verbal means of communication, and your task is just learn to understand them. They speak with their eyes, bodies, movements and even minutes so you should turn your inner stopwatch on sometimes to learn more about your girlfriend and her attitude towards you.

For instance, you should observe for how long she is late for your first date. 10-15 minutes are quite normal, as it is a women’s habit to be a bit late. However, if she arrived earlier, it may mean that she views your date as some business affair. If she is late for 25 minutes and more and behaves like it matters nothing than she may be not so interested in communication with you indeed so you should better not waste your time on this non-working variant. You can also save her from feeling guilty for being a little late – take some book or magazine with you. Reading will help you to look more relaxed and give you a topic for conversation for a start as well.

Another important factor is how much time it takes her to part with you. If you say “goodbye” to each other about 3-5 minutes it meant that she fancies you as she uses this additional time to attach you stronger to herself. However, if the process takes less than sixty seconds you hardly have chances to win this woman. Additional tip: while saying “goodbye” do not arrange the next date immediately, let her grill with doubts for a day or two and only then call her back.

Pay also attention to the interval of time which passes while she answers your text message. If it takes her about 1-3 hours to answer you, it means that she is ready to communicate with you via any means, phone included. If she does not answer you once or answer with a big delay there is also nothing to worry about, but if it becomes a common practice, you should probably search for someone faster. Additional tip: the best time to write texts is about 4 p.m. as positive energy and good mood reach it climax at this time and you are likely to receive something sweet in response.

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