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The mass experiment carried out in six states of America has showed that the onco rna virus XMRV can’t be the reason for the human organism developing the syndrome of chronic fatigue.

The article published in “mBio” medical journal states that during the recent years the number of chronic fatigue cases has increased dramatically. The most parts of the patients complain about the common set of symptoms such as often severe muscle cramps, insomnia, headache and depressed mood. In 2009 Judy Mikovits from the Wittmore and Peterson Research Institute published the article where she described how the onco rna virus XMRV which is deadly dangerous for mice affects the human health. But the following research didn’t provide any information that proved the direct influence of the virus on the human body so the article was retracted from the “Science” magazine.

The group of medics from the Columbia University in New York has carried out the research under the supervision of Ian Lipkin. This research has proved that the onco rna virus XMRV has nothing to do with the syndrome of chronic fatigue. 147 people agreed to take part in the experiment. They were diagnosed with chronic fatigue and their blood tests were compared to the ones taken from the healthy people. Only 9 people with chronic fatigue and 8 healthy ones appeared to be contaminated with the virus. The presence of defensive protein against this virus in the blood can’t be a prove that the blood is contaminated. Our body can produce various defensive proteins that are able to react with dozens of types of viruses at one and the same time. During the experiment the scientists did their best to prevent the possible mistakes and discrepancies. Each probe of blood was carefully checked and compared with the artificial specimen.

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