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It is a common practice in the modern world to have hundreds of friends on FaceBook, follow another several hundreds on Twitter and share the photos of your morning cup of coffee with the rest of the world. It is true that social networks make the process of communicating easier, but may be it is not always necessary to make the details of your private life a common knowledge?

There are special social networks which provide all options of traditional online services but are designed for communication only between two people. For example, there is a so-called “anti-social network” Pair. It provides you with an opportunity to share photos, messages, videos and intimate thoughts with your partner. This app is designed especially for the couples who want to keep in touch when being separated for a time. All sweet and private moments of your relationship will be kept save and bring pleasure only to the two of you. Nowadays Pair is available only for iPhone and iPod Touch but soon it will be adapted for Android as well. The analogue of Pair is Couple Street app which will remind you on all significant dates and events of your relationship beforehand.

Another network which can be called anti-social is Path, but it works in a bit different way. It helps you to keep in touch with the closest circle of your friends and relatives and can be described as a vip-zone for your FaceBook friends. It was started as a photo sharing program but became a great success soon and now is used for the communicative purposes as well. Path is viewed as an attempt to reduce the level of publicity which seems to have become a modern trend. So, if you do not accept 5the idea of being open to the whole society, there is no need to refuse from social networks altogether – you can just shift to more personal ones.

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