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IPad can be called the device of future as it provides a great number of options while being portable and easy to use. With the help of this gadget you can watch movies, read books and magazines, listen to music, watch photos and play games. It seems that your whole business and personal life can be kept in iPad. Moreover, with development of new technologies the borders of iPad’s possibilities become only wider. New applications created especially for iPad make this device even more multifunctional.

For example, you can download on your iPad application “Calendar”. It works like a diary where you put down all tasks and aims you are planning to achieve in various periods of time. It will remind you whom and when to congratulate with birthday, when to feed your aquarium fish and so on. You can divide all affairs into business and personal. The app Priorities provides the same options with the only difference of allowing you to synchronize your tasks with a calendar install a password to the program or share your plans with the others.

For working with text you should better use application Pages. It helps to create new documents, open already existing ones and edit them as well, save them on iPad or in the Internet-storage iCloud, print them or send via email. To make the document look brighter you can create your own design or download from App Store professional templates.

Application GarageBand gives you an opportunity to reveal your creative potential. Of course, you will not begin to compose music masterpieces at once, but iPad will allow you a simpler way of practicing than in a garage with real instruments. It has everything you need to record an album – keyboard (piano, electronic organ, synthesizer), guitars (both electric and acoustic), and drums. You can make every note sound like blues or Jewish folk song. Guitars are already set up at chords. When you get used to instruments, you can compose melodies, mix them and add voice.

With the help of app iMovie you can try the role of a film maker. You can choose a topic for your creation, add professional 3D graphics and electronic moving text, improve your movie with sound effects and post it on YouTube or Facebook .

Photo vx Ultra application allows you to do all possible and impossible things with your pictures. You can use eleven types of antique modes, night vision, or infrared effect. Besides, you can correct the balance of shade and light, even color temperature, soften or sharpen contours.

There are also some useful iPad applications for travelers. For instance, you can download Sullivan’s List which presents a calendar of the most interesting events all over the world. The app 50 Places a Lifetime tells you about 50 places which you are bound to visit during the lifetime, be it huge megalopolises or remote exotic resorts. Kayak application is very helpful for booking tickets; watching the most interesting offers and finding hotels for best prices.

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