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  • The first thing to start with is to decide for yourself quite definitely the you need some rest and take a long time-out. Only rest can be a good reward for all your efforts and the sufferings that were bothering you in the latest job. Cont your savings and take as long rest as possible, during which you will be able to spend all your money. This will make the basis for your future depression.

  • When you see that you have run out of all your money don’t be shy to borrow some from your friends and relatives. If they hesitate reassure then that you will pay the debt off as soon as you find the job of your dream.
  • As soon as you have wasted all the money start lazily and slowly looking through the lists of vacancies in the local papers sipping a glass of beer. To get finally convinced that nothing would suit you make a pair of phone calls. The HR managers will disappoint you with the salary figures and you will lose any further wish to search for a job.
  • Appoint an interview once in a month. Always be late for it and wear the untidy and wrinkly clothes. Don’t bother to comb your hair and try to retain the suffering expression of your face. The significant and thoughtful silence or heavy sigh would be the best answer to any question asked by the employer. In that way you will impress the interviewer and he will promise to call you back later by all means.
  • When the members of your family lose their grip and start reproaching you for being such a lazy-bones begin crying and promising to find a good well-paid job no later than the next week. Blame the heartless HR managers and the horoscopes that say that you will never succeed.
  • If you have a strong personality pick up an addiction. Gambling and alcohol addiction will provide you a lot of pleasant and useful moments.

  • Consider visiting the suspicious job agency where you will have to pay a large sum of money for signing a contract. The agents will do all the necessary actions for you. Now go home and take a nap. In a month they will call you up with a report that there is no job that would probably suit you.
  • As soon as you hear these words become desperate and depressed. Lock yourself up in your room and refuse to talk to anyone. In that way everybody will finally leave you alone.
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