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Some guys are confused about the signs girls give them. Well, it happens sometimes indeed. Let’s see what she tries to tell you. Some signs are evident and some of them are difficult to understand.

If she talks too much about other guys then obviously she is not interested in you. I do not know why but some guys do not understand it and do not take it into account. Probably she has chosen you just because she wants you to be her friend. No more. There is no friendship between men and women? Well, you are right. But there are some exceptions as well.

She express her interest in other guys and doesn’t care much what’s going on with you at the moment. Hanging out with your mutual friends you may notice she is not around you. She is chatting and having fun with someone else. Try not to focus much of your attention on her. There is no sense in it at all.

If she is attentive to you and want to see you next time then she is interested in you. She is flirting and keeps eye contact. She pats your shoulder as if by accident. This body contact is very important to her. She asks you personal questions and wants you to share your experience. She is attracted to you physically and it seems like she wants understand what person you are. She listens to you attentively and doesn’t talk to much about herself. She even doesn’t interrupt your monologue. It is a good sign for you of course. She definitely wants you to make a move. Later she would like to introduce her friends to you. I’m sure she would invite you to hang out and have fun along with them. And then she would like to stay with you…

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