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Many internet users are probably acquainted with the modern classification of gamers according to their gaming activity. The gamers are usually divided into 5 large groups: casual gamers, sociable gamers, moderate gamers, addicted games and hardcore ones. At the same time one of the most popular psychological conceptual designs is socionics which supposes that there exist 16 psychological types in the modern society. The basis for this teaching is constituted by the works of Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung.

Casual gamers are the beginning ones who easily quits the game even if the level is not completed. After the research these gamers turned out to be the sensor extraverts and have the psychological types of Victor Hugo and Napoleon. If we remember the individuality of these people we will easily see that the casual gamers are the active ones with the leader personality.

Social gamers see the process of gaming as a pleasant activity or entertainment. The central aspect of the game for such people is communication. They are the common users of the multiplayers and team games. Their personality is similar to the type of Hamlet, Don Quixot and Jack. The social gamers are the target audience for the gaming industry.

Moderate gamers is the largest group. These people tend to be introverts with a logical way of thinking. The most common type among the moderate gamers is Dumas but one may also came across a Balzac. Their gaming behavior can be described as passive happiness.

Addicted gamers are the group that put gaming in the central part of their lives and only family or relationships can distract them from the computer screen.

Hardcore gaming is the terminal stage of the addiction. The game is the basis of their lives with the supplemented family, work and parents. These gamers are stubborn ones ready to complete the game with the highest score possible. You may be surprised but their type is the most rational and analytical one.

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