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Internet is becoming the most powerful and effective way of sharing news. Everything that happens in the world appears on the virtual space within an instant. There is no wonder that more and more people begin to use this recourse for becoming famous as with the help of Internet it can be done fast and easy. The most effective method is, probably, using viral videos.

Viral videos are posted on video sharing websites such as YouTube, Stickam and so on. The indicator of the video’s popularity is the amount of views it has received from the users. One of the most famous examples of becoming a celebrity through viral video is Justin Bieber and his song “Baby”. Another singer who became known thanks to the number of views on YouTube is Rebecca Black with her too simple and too catchy song “Friday. Her video received nearly ten million views within a week. It is not necessary to be talented; you can have a success only with some original idea or a new way of attracting users’ attention. For example, Amber Lee Ettinge, who is now known as the Obama girl, made a video about her more than warm feelings towards Barack Obama which gathered about 20 million views.

Thanks to the emerge of different available portable devices it became possible for everybody to shot amateur videos and post them on YouTube. However, to make these videos really viewable it is better to observe some simple recommendations.

After your video is ready to be shown to the public, think of its title. It should attract attention and make people want to click start button. Add such words as “exclusive”, “best”, “behind the scenes” to your title to increase the number of views in times.

Choose the best thumbnail for your video as it will present a kind of cover and, thus, it should look interesting and intriguing.

Another important aspect of promoting your video is using comments. You can comment your video from different accounts. At first the discussion will be artificially made, but then the real users will join it. Do not be afraid to delete comments you find unfavorable for your video.

As for the content of the video, you never know which idea will meet the needs of the audience as its preferences are unpredictable. People liked Justin Bieber for no sensible reason, but they also liked Susan Boyle with her unique voice. So, may be they will like you as well.

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