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In the world of humor as well as in the world of clothes there exists a special fashion on jokes. The recent tendency which is considered to be funny by lots of people is so-called rage comics. They present different series of pictures which tell stories of life experience. The last picture in the row depicts an unexpected and funny end of the story.

One of the most popular characters of rage comics is the Rageguy 2whose face expression is the one of extreme anger and exasperation. The first comic with this personage appeared in 2008. It consisted of four panes and was called “toilet splashback” experience. When this splash actually takes place the emotions of the hero are shown with the help of Rageguy’s image. This meme is often followed by the capital letters “FUUUUUU-”.

Another meme which has already become classics of the Rage Comics genre is usually described as “Bitch Please” or “Fuck That Guy”. The origin of this meme is the photo of a professional basketball player Yao Ming. The first comic with Yao Ming’s funny face described the method of getting rid of spiders – the personage just set the whole house on fire.

“Challenge Accepted” is cone more famous part of the Rage Comics. It describes some difficult or nearly impossible task and the last pane shows the hero nevertheless accepting the challenge. The phrase originated from a popular American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” in which one of the characters, Barney Stinson participated in the most impossible bets by pronouncing “Challenge Accepted”.

To show the emotions of pleasure or enjoyment in Rage Comics “Me Gusta” meme as well as “Sweet Jesus Face” meme are traditionally used. “Me Gusta” is translated from Spanish as “I like It”. This meme was originally used to express approval of some perverse situation. The derivatives of this character are “No Me Gusta” and “Me Gusta Mucho”.

“Oh Crap” which is also known as “OMG Rage Face” is used to show such strong emotions as rage, revelation and anger. The first comic with this character was posted in 2009 and described the revelation of the fact that the hero’s wife cheats on him, and, as a result, “Oh Crap” face appeared in the last pane.

Some celebrities have also inspired the memes’ creators to come up with new ideas. For instance, Nicolas Cage’s face expression in one of the scenes of “Vampire’s Kiss” movie which was released in 1988 became the origin of “You Don’t Say” meme which became popular in 2009. This meme is used to express astonishment and surprise.

“True Story” meme which depicts a guy with a glass of wine also originated from “How I Met Your Mother” series and Barney Stinson appeared to be the source of inspiration once again. This meme is often followed by a phrase “True story” which is used to pursue the audience that the story told in a rage comic is real, though it may seem obviously fabricated or even absurd.

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