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A rope. Two teams of 2 persons make a rope from the clothes they are wearing and the winner is the team with a longer rope. Quite a funny game to play as it is sometimes leads to full stripping.

Toilet paper. Several couples should be involved. A naked girl or a guy is wrapped in toilet paper and the other one is removing the paper using only mouth. The winner is the fastest one.

A toothpick. Players, preferably girls and guys sit down forming a circle. The first participant snaps a toothpick between the jaws and passes it to the next one till the whole round is complete. After that the toothpick is shortened twofold and the round repeats again. Then the toothpick is reduced again and so on.

A “stripping” box. You will need some music for this game however I guess music is not at all a problem is you are at a party. Music starts and players form a circle and pass a box to each other. Every time music stops the player holding the box at the moment has to take off a clothing item and out it into this box.

Legs and butts. It is better for a company of well-acquainted people. One guy and several girls are needed. The guy has to be blindfolded and try to guess which girl is in front of him by touching their butts and legs.

Chocolate. Two or three pieces of chocolate have to be pinned on a lady’s body; preferably she is wearing a bikini. Then a blindfolded guy has to find all the chocolate with his mouth. It is even better if there are 2 couples like that competing who is the quickest one.

A blanket. A player is rolling himself up in a blanket and others plan items of clothes for him. The player has to guess them or otherwise he has to take them off. In fact the only thing they plan is the blanket itself and to the moment the player guesses about it he must be wrapped in the blanket absolutely naked.

Kisses. One of the players is blindfolded sitting in a chair and then somebody kisses him or her. The player tries to guess who it was and in case of success the kisser sits down on this chair. A kiss should be good or otherwise the played wouldn’t guess. And if it is a guy who has to kiss another guy, this way it will be even more fun!

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