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People can find something funny even in the saddest events such as death. Humor helps us to survive even the most difficult situations, that’s why we use all possible means to illuminate the darkest sides of life. The winners of Darwin Award, for instance, are people who have died in a most ridiculous way. Darwin Award was established only a couple decades ago, so lots of people who really deserve to be included in the list of candidates did not suit the time borders.

For example, the astronomer of the sixteenth century Tycho Brahe whose research helped Isaac Newton to create his theory of the universal gravitation has died due to the fact that he did not visit a toilet in time. According to the etiquette of that period it was impolite to rise from the table before the fest was finished, so Brahe did not dare to violate this rule. His bladder burst and he died in pain eleven days afterwards.

The famous philosopher Francis Bacon has once decided that it is possible to use snow instead of salt to preserve meat and he tried to prove his theory. While he was stowing snow in a chicken he caught cold and died soon afterwards.

The creator of the famous whiskey Jack Daniels has broken his finger while trying to open the safe box. In a short time after receiving this trauma he died from sepsis.

The twelfth president of the USA, Zachary Taylor, after a ceremony on one of the particular hot days in 1850 has eaten too much ice cream, got indigestion and died five days afterwards. His presidency lasted for only sixteen months.

One of the composers of the seventeenth century, Jean-Baptiste Lully, died from his extreme dedication to his devotion. During one of the rehearsals of the concert he became so hot-tempered that knocked on the floor with his cane, pierced his own leg and died from sepsis.

The death case of the famous detective writer Allan Pinkerton proved the danger of simple walking. He stumbled on the pavement, bit his tongue and passed away because of gangrene.

Jim Fix, the author of worldwide popular bestseller “Full Book on Jogging” which has made jogging a widespread physical activity, died from heart attack while he was jogging himself.

It is arguable whether the ridiculous death cases are funny or not. Still, such things as Darwin Award help to develop the ability to laugh and a kind of weird sense of humor.

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