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Recently a friend of mine has got me hooked on Rally shows that are really captivating and breathtaking. Also my friend introduced me an actual champion of rally of today who is Sebastien Loeb. For me as for an amateur his name meant nothing for some time. Shame on me! But his name attracted me because this French rally driver won the world championship eight times in succession. Later I found out that no one has managed to do it. It is really impressive fact about him.

It is interesting enough but he started his sport career as a gymnast and later he just gave it up and lost himself in rally in 1995. It is also well known that he was really talented and perspective gymnast. But his interest in rallying dominated other things and it still dominates. Thus he won for the first time in 2001 and in a year signed a contract with Citroen team. In 2005 he won 10 events and it led him to set a new record. 2008 was the most prosperous and prolific period of time when Loeb managed to broke his own record and won 11 events! It is really amazing, isn’t it?

It seems like he never misses an opportunity and he is just lucky guy. And again this year we won the Monte Carlo Rally. There is some kind of ironical story happened to Loeb. Thus one of his main competitors is Mikko Hirvonen, a Finnish rally driver. In 2009 he managed to win him several times. It was really stiff fight for both of them. The same took place in 2011. But this year things went upside down and they are in the same team. But nevertheless Loeb is an unconditional leader and he won the rally with huge time difference.

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