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It seems that before getting any kind of information from newspapers, magazines, TV news blocks and Internet we have to listen, watch or read a considerable amount of advertisement. Due to this constant repetition our brain involuntary accepts the call and we but the product, use the service or just get annoyed by all this commercial stuff. However, advertisement remains one of the key factors of trade process, that’s why so much money is spent on it by different companies.

Among the most expensive ads of all times the first place belongs to Guinness Domino ad. This ad costs $ 20 million. However, there is no expensive model or movie star here, or any special effects in this video. It shows hundreds of villages who have no idea that they are involved in the ad-making and are used to create a unique domino effect.

Another remarkable ad was made for Pepsi Company. This video lasted for 90 seconds and was paid $ 7.53 dollars. This price is due to the presence of Britney Spears in the commercial, as she was one of the most expensive celebrities in 2002.

Honda, which is said to be one of the most affordable cars in the world, is pretty expensive in terms of advertising. The video where all details of Honda were used to create domino effect was made for $ 6.5 million.

Speaking of the cars, there is one more ad which impressed the audience with its price. I speak of Chrysler Comeback and $ 9 million spent on it. Rapper Eminem promoting this car in the commercial seems to be one of the reasons of paying such amount of money.

However, according to researches and studies in the sphere of consumer science the high price of the ad does not influence the popularity of promoted product much. Interesting and creative plots and catchy slogans prove to be more effective for the purpose of making the customers buy the goods. Good slogans should not be long, it is not also necessary to describe a product with the help of words. Only a short phrase which comes directly to hearts is needed to increase the sales. The most popular and effective slogans in the world of commercials include the following:

  1. Just Do It, for Nike company
  2. Impossible Is Nothing, for Adidas
  3. There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard, for MasterCard
  4. Cancer Cures Smoking, for Cancer Patients Aid Association
  5. Think Different, for Apple

The ads with such creative slogans do not annoy me, even if they are often repeated in media. On the contrary, these unusual ads teach to practice a different approach to common things. Besides, they present an effective way for the companies to promote the product. However, sometimes slogans can ruin all the efforts of ad creators. My favorite example belong to the Electrolux vacuum cleaners, it says – Nothing Sucks as Electrolux. It is understandable that sometimes the use of sexual sub text in ads can be successful, but only until it turns out to be ridiculous or rude.

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