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I was 16 when I first tried to play ‘The Sims’. I remember that it became my obsession immediately: I was running back from college to start the game up, I didn’t meet with my friends so often, well it was a disaster. It’s good I finally realized it. A year later.

Now I see that The Sims is still popular all over the world. Why does it happen?I think someone’s life is always more interesting than our own one. That’s why people watch different TV-shows, reality shows: to realize that their life is way better, even if it’s not that bright.

The addiction they can have in someones life is comparable with playing this game. There’s also another point in gaming: once you raise your characters, you start feeling a great responsibility for them, just like for your own children. One say that it is the experience of playing God. You are designing their houses, put furniture there and plan their garden, and simultaneously you design their private life. In a way you express all desires about your own life, and often they are unfulfilled while playing. You can be as rich as you want, buy expensive clothes- The Sims have it all! But isn’t it better to start building your own life on the example of the game? Yes, it’s way longer and harder, but that won’t be virtual. And I am sure that at least one person who’s reading this article suffers from the Sims addiction.

That’s not you control Sims, that’s you who is controlled. It’s so easy to lose all track of time while playing and it’s good if you understand that. Check up whether you’re addicted or not. There are some signs which could point out on this fact. So you are probably addicted if…

  1. you find yourself thinking about this game even when you are not playing it.
  2. you were supposed to be in bed by midnight and it’s already 4 a.m in the morning when you are still up.

  3. you are exhausted and imagine a red bar over your head

  4. you enter the furniture store and see a chair you’d rather have in your Sims house.

  5. you meet a person and ponder over the idea to have a sim with the same appearance

  6. you know all the songs that play in your game

  7. you are waiting for Sims 4 release.

I would love you to realize whether you are an addict or not. Set your priorities right and think whether you really need it. Nevertheless I think I still love the Sims and I’d say have fun but don’t forget about a real life too.

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